Italian Restaurant & Bar Gets L-Acoustics Sound Upgrade

Italian Restaurant & Bar Gets L-Acoustics Sound Upgrade 1


Project: Maccheroni Famiglia
Project Info: The Italian restaurant Maccheroni Famiglia wanted to upgrade their rooms with a sound system that can be easily controlled to the purpose of the room with a beautiful sound.
Products: L-Acoustics X4i, L-Acoustics Syva sub, L-Acoustics LA2Xi, FBT J5, Audac MTX48, Audac EPA254

The restaurant and private room, where music plays in the background to create an intimate dining experience, is upgraded with multiple FBT J5 speakers surrounding the room. These 5″ passive speakers have an elegant design that blends in perfectly.

The bar could use some more power with the L-Acoustics X4i speakers. These speakers are small but remarkably powerful for its size. They are supported with a L-Acoustics Syva sub. Everything is powered with the L-Acoustics LA2Xi.

Being able to control each source in each room separately was important. Thanks to the Audac MTX48 and the Audac Touch App, the client can control the sound output in each room with his phone through wifi or with the controllers on the 4-channel matrix.

Installation was done by DG Events

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