Our Services

Our Team

  • Louis Lukusa
    Louis Lukusa General Manager
  • Jan De Brucker
    Jan De Brucker General Manager
  • Nico Devroe
    Nico Devroe Area Sales Manager
  • Alexandre Aretz
    Alexandre Aretz Area Sales Manager
  • Martin Van Kouwen
    Martin Van Kouwen Area Sales Manager NL
  • Denis Van Swalm
    Denis Van Swalm Account Manager
  • Vassili Golfidis
    Vassili Golfidis Internal Sales
  • Cisse Van der Veken
    Cisse Van der Veken AV Technical Support

    +32 2 520 08 27

    APPLY NOW ! AV Technical Support
    • Peter Ellegeest
      Peter Ellegeest Electronic Repair Technician
    • Luc De Plecker
      Luc De Plecker Electronic Repair Technician

      +32 2 520 08 27

    • Nadia De Rycke
      Nadia De Rycke Bookkeeping
    • Michael De Dobbeleer
      Michael De Dobbeleer Logistics
    • Karina Trochs
      Karina Trochs Administration
    • Luka Lukusa
      Luka Lukusa Marketing

      +32 2 520 08 27

    • Pieter Van de Velde
      Pieter Van de Velde Lighting Acc. Manager

      +32 471 66 66 73

    • Christelle Nemeghaire
      Christelle Nemeghaire Back Office



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