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Kenwood offers a wide variety of hand-portable walkie talkies specifically designed for use in professional applications. Easy to use, comfortable, rugged and reliable.

Distribution: Belgium, Luxemburg.

Kenwood Pricelist

Date: 11/05/2021
Ref.: KEN110521

C-100569Ear Piece (sold / 10 pcs) for KHS8BL,KH9BL , KEP1, KEP2 - C800947POA
EMC-11WClip Microphone with Earphone ( was EMC3)POA
EMC-12WClip Microphone with Earphone & PTT (VOX ready)POA
EMC-13WClip microphone with earphone (STD)POA
EMC-14WClip microphone with earphone (ear-hanging)POA
EMC-7WClip Microphone with Ear Hanger Speaker (replaced by EMC12)POA
KBH-10MBelt Clip, tk3201, tk3301, tk3401DPOA
KBH-14MBelt clipPOA
KBH-21WBelt clip - longPOA
KBH-22WBelt clip holder (swivel clip)POA
KEP-2Earphone Kit with 2.5 Plug for KMC-45POA
KES5Compact powered speakerPOA
KHS-10D-OHNoise Reduction Headset with Noise Cancelling MicrophonePOA
KHS-21WSingle Muff Headset with Boom MicrophonePOA
KHS-33clip mic with earphone for PKT23POA
KHS-34C-Ring in line PTT headset for PKT23POA
KHS-35FWHeadset with Boom Microphone & Ear Piece, PTTPOA
KHS-37WHeadset (Ear-hook)POA
KHS-44BLtwo wire headset with Palm Microphone with EarpiecePOA
KHS-45two wire headset with microphone and earbudPOA
KHS-46two wire headset with microphone and C-Style swivel EarphonePOA
KHS-47two wire headset with microphone and D-Style EarpiecePOA
KHS-49two wire headset with microphone and D-Style EarpiecePOA
KHS-7Single Muff Headset with Boom MicrophonePOA
KHS-7ASingle Muff Headset Boom Microphone, PTTPOA
KHS-7A-SDSingle Muff HeadsetPOA
KHS-8BLTwo Wire Palm Microphone EarphonePOA
KHS-8NCTwo Wire Palm Microphone Earphone + Noise cancellingPOA
KHS-9BLThree Wire Palm Microphone EarphonePOA
KLH-120Soft Leather Case for TK3301POA
KLH-131Nylon Case for TK3301POA
KLH-187Nylon Case for TK3401DPOA
KLH-197Nylon Case for TK3501POA
KMB-35EMulti Charger AdaptorPOA
KMC-21MCompact Low-Profile Speaker MicrophonePOA
KMC-45DSpeaker Microphone - IP55POA
KMC-55WCompact Speaker Microphone with PTT Button, IP54 / IP55 / IP67, Single Pin ConnectorPOA
KNB20NMNi -Mh Battery ( replace KNB14 )POA
KNB-45LMLithium-Ion Battery (7.2 V / 2000 mAh)POA
KNB-53NMNi-MH Battery (1400 mAh) -POA
KNB-63LMLithium-Ion Battery for TK3501POA
KNB65Li-Ion Battery - 1520 mAhPOA
KNB-71LMLi-ion battery for PKT-23EPOA
KNB-81LWLi- Ion battery (3.6 V | 2200 mAh)POA
KPG-121DEprogramming software for TK3301POA
KPG-171DMsoftware for TK3401DPOA
KPG-173DMsoftware for TK3501POA
KPG-186UWUSB programming-interface cable (1-pin)POA
KPG-197DEProgramming software via extranet and secured codePOA
KPG-202DMsoftware for TK3701POA
KPG-22UMUSB Programming Interface - usb connectionPOA
KPG-36UUSB Programming Interface - usb connectionPOA
KRA22MVHF Low Profile Helical AntennaPOA
KSC-24ECharger for KNB14, KNB15, KNB20POA
KSC-25SERapid Charger (2-pin Euro plug)POA
KSC-356AEMulti Charger - six way charger and battery conditioner for Kenwood radios with KNB-45L, KNB-63L and KNB-65L batteries.POA
KSC-35SCRECharger PocketPOA
KSC-35SERapid Charger (1pc)POA
KSC-43EBattery charger - single-way rapid (1 pc) - KNB-53NM & KNB-45LMPOA
KSC-44CRMCharger Kenwood PTK23POA
KSC-44MLEMultiple AC adaptor (6 units)POA
KSC-44SLBEAC adaptor for KSC-48CRMPOA
KSC-48CRMFast Charger - No adaptorPOA
KSC-50CRCharger pocketPOA
KVC-19Mobile Vehicle Charger - 12 V (1pc)POA
KVC-22Wcar charger for TK3401DPOA
KWR-1MWater-Resistant BagPOA
NX320E3UHF NEXEDGE Mid-Tier Digital/Analogue Portable Radio - (EU Use)POA
PG-4Yprogramming interface cable - DB9POA
PKT-23EPMR446 - lightweight walkie/talkie . Incl battery, clip, chargerPOA
SMC32Speaker MicrophonePOA
THK20Etalkie amateur - VHF FM portable transceiverPOA
TH-K2EVHF FM Portable TransceiverPOA
TK2000Compact VHF-UHF FM Portable RadioPOA
TK3401DPMR446 - digital/analog walkie/talkie . Incl battery, clip, chargerPOA
TK3501EPMR446 Walkie / talkie . incl battery, clip, chargerPOA
TK3701DPMR446 - digital/analog walkie/talkie . Incl battery, clip, chargerPOA
WDK10BSECP1DECT-1,9Ghz Base pack.POA
WDK10PBSECP1DECT-1,9Ghz Portable Base station-transceiver kit.POA
WDK10TRECP1DECT-1,9Ghz Transceiver kit.POA
WD-RC100WInterface Cable for Kenwood Portable PMR radio Multi-pinPOA
WD-RC50MInterface Cable for Kenwood Portable PMR radio 2-pinPOA
WD-UB100WLi-Ion Battery Pack 3.7V, 1,430mAhPOA
WD-UB110WLi-Ion Battery Pack 3.7V, 1,880mAhPOA
zz C800947Ear Piece (sold / 1 pc) for KHS8BL, KH9BL, KEP1, KEP2POA

*POA: Price On Application
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