KENWOOD Communications, maintains a leadership position in mobile and portable two-way radios and custom systems. Upon entering the radio equipment market in 1975, KENWOOD Communications quickly became known for its devotion to quality, which created immediate demand and credibility for the professional land mobile radio products introduced to business and government buyers in 1983. KENWOOD land mobile portables, mobiles and custom systems are acknowledged to be a top choice in the world market, particularly by first responders, and are a trusted supplier to business and industry. In addition, KENWOOD’s dominance of the amateur radio market has been recognized for more than 30 years. KENWOOD amateur radio products are the number one choice for ham operators who are on the forefront of civilian emergency response.

Today KENWOOD has taken a leading role in developing market-driven products and continues to operate as one of the largest manufacturers of personal entertainment and communications equipment in the world. It is a central KENWOOD belief to listen to the market and develop exacting products that address customers’ needs at the highest possible value.

Distribution: Belgique, Luxembourg.



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Kenwood Pricelist

Date: 11/05/2021
Ref.: KEN110521

C-100569Ear Piece (sold / 10 pcs) for KHS8BL,KH9BL , KEP1, KEP2 - C800947POA
EMC-11WClip Microphone with Earphone ( was EMC3)POA
EMC-12WClip Microphone with Earphone & PTT (VOX ready)POA
EMC-13WClip microphone with earphone (STD)POA
EMC-14WClip microphone with earphone (ear-hanging)POA
EMC-7WClip Microphone with Ear Hanger Speaker (replaced by EMC12)POA
KBH-10MBelt Clip, tk3201, tk3301, tk3401DPOA
KBH-14MBelt clipPOA
KBH-21WBelt clip - longPOA
KBH-22WBelt clip holder (swivel clip)POA
KEP-2Earphone Kit with 2.5 Plug for KMC-45POA
KES5Compact powered speakerPOA
KHS-10D-OHNoise Reduction Headset with Noise Cancelling MicrophonePOA
KHS-21WSingle Muff Headset with Boom MicrophonePOA
KHS-33clip mic with earphone for PKT23POA
KHS-34C-Ring in line PTT headset for PKT23POA
KHS-35FWHeadset with Boom Microphone & Ear Piece, PTTPOA
KHS-37WHeadset (Ear-hook)POA
KHS-44BLtwo wire headset with Palm Microphone with EarpiecePOA
KHS-45two wire headset with microphone and earbudPOA
KHS-46two wire headset with microphone and C-Style swivel EarphonePOA
KHS-47two wire headset with microphone and D-Style EarpiecePOA
KHS-49two wire headset with microphone and D-Style EarpiecePOA
KHS-7Single Muff Headset with Boom MicrophonePOA
KHS-7ASingle Muff Headset Boom Microphone, PTTPOA
KHS-7A-SDSingle Muff HeadsetPOA
KHS-8BLTwo Wire Palm Microphone EarphonePOA
KHS-8NCTwo Wire Palm Microphone Earphone + Noise cancellingPOA
KHS-9BLThree Wire Palm Microphone EarphonePOA
KLH-120Soft Leather Case for TK3301POA
KLH-131Nylon Case for TK3301POA
KLH-187Nylon Case for TK3401DPOA
KLH-197Nylon Case for TK3501POA
KMB-35EMulti Charger AdaptorPOA
KMC-21MCompact Low-Profile Speaker MicrophonePOA
KMC-45DSpeaker Microphone - IP55POA
KMC-55WCompact Speaker Microphone with PTT Button, IP54 / IP55 / IP67, Single Pin ConnectorPOA
KNB20NMNi -Mh Battery ( replace KNB14 )POA
KNB-45LMLithium-Ion Battery (7.2 V / 2000 mAh)POA
KNB-53NMNi-MH Battery (1400 mAh) -POA
KNB-63LMLithium-Ion Battery for TK3501POA
KNB65Li-Ion Battery - 1520 mAhPOA
KNB-71LMLi-ion battery for PKT-23EPOA
KNB-81LWLi- Ion battery (3.6 V | 2200 mAh)POA
KPG-121DEprogramming software for TK3301POA
KPG-171DMsoftware for TK3401DPOA
KPG-173DMsoftware for TK3501POA
KPG-186UWUSB programming-interface cable (1-pin)POA
KPG-197DEProgramming software via extranet and secured codePOA
KPG-202DMsoftware for TK3701POA
KPG-22UMUSB Programming Interface - usb connectionPOA
KPG-36UUSB Programming Interface - usb connectionPOA
KRA22MVHF Low Profile Helical AntennaPOA
KSC-24ECharger for KNB14, KNB15, KNB20POA
KSC-25SERapid Charger (2-pin Euro plug)POA
KSC-356AEMulti Charger - six way charger and battery conditioner for Kenwood radios with KNB-45L, KNB-63L and KNB-65L batteries.POA
KSC-35SCRECharger PocketPOA
KSC-35SERapid Charger (1pc)POA
KSC-43EBattery charger - single-way rapid (1 pc) - KNB-53NM & KNB-45LMPOA
KSC-44CRMCharger Kenwood PTK23POA
KSC-44MLEMultiple AC adaptor (6 units)POA
KSC-44SLBEAC adaptor for KSC-48CRMPOA
KSC-48CRMFast Charger - No adaptorPOA
KSC-50CRCharger pocketPOA
KVC-19Mobile Vehicle Charger - 12 V (1pc)POA
KVC-22Wcar charger for TK3401DPOA
KWR-1MWater-Resistant BagPOA
NX320E3UHF NEXEDGE Mid-Tier Digital/Analogue Portable Radio - (EU Use)POA
PG-4Yprogramming interface cable - DB9POA
PKT-23EPMR446 - lightweight walkie/talkie . Incl battery, clip, chargerPOA
SMC32Speaker MicrophonePOA
THK20Etalkie amateur - VHF FM portable transceiverPOA
TH-K2EVHF FM Portable TransceiverPOA
TK2000Compact VHF-UHF FM Portable RadioPOA
TK3401DPMR446 - digital/analog walkie/talkie . Incl battery, clip, chargerPOA
TK3501EPMR446 Walkie / talkie . incl battery, clip, chargerPOA
TK3701DPMR446 - digital/analog walkie/talkie . Incl battery, clip, chargerPOA
WDK10BSECP1DECT-1,9Ghz Base pack.POA
WDK10PBSECP1DECT-1,9Ghz Portable Base station-transceiver kit.POA
WDK10TRECP1DECT-1,9Ghz Transceiver kit.POA
WD-RC100WInterface Cable for Kenwood Portable PMR radio Multi-pinPOA
WD-RC50MInterface Cable for Kenwood Portable PMR radio 2-pinPOA
WD-UB100WLi-Ion Battery Pack 3.7V, 1,430mAhPOA
WD-UB110WLi-Ion Battery Pack 3.7V, 1,880mAhPOA
zz C800947Ear Piece (sold / 1 pc) for KHS8BL, KH9BL, KEP1, KEP2POA



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