Allen & Heath Is The Primary Choice For Brand New High-End Rehearsal Studios Near Brussels

Allen & Heath Is The Primary Choice For Brand New High-End Rehearsal Studios Near Brussels 1


Project: Haifax Rehearsal Studios
Project Info: High-end rehearsal studios with a lot of attention to comfort, great acoustics and technical support.
Products: Allen & Heath SQ-6, Allen & Heath QU-16, Allen & Heath ME-1

Studio Haifax, a renowned rental and PA-service company in Belgium, recently opened its brand new high-end rehearsal studios centrally located near Brussels where bands and artists can rehearse with high-end equipment. Because of many years of experience, Studio Haifax is able to provide the right knowledge and service for these studios. There are two studios at the location, Studio 1 with 120m2 and Studio 2 with 150m2 and a separate recording/mixing booth. Both studios are focused on comfort, great acoustics, and technical support.

“Both studios their sound output of the monitors is tweaked and controlled by Allen & Heath mixers. At the start of each rehearsal, the sound engineer will set up the sound for every band/ artist, according to their style” says Pieter Begard, owner of Studio Haifax.

Studio 1 makes use of the Allen & Heath QU16 connected with 8x ME-1 mixers which are linked together in series using a Cat5. Each ME-1 mixer makes use of Sennheiser HD-25 headphones in order that every artist can tweak the sound to their liking.

The 2nd studio is using the Allen & Heath SQ-6 mixer, as well as 8x ME-1 mixers linked together in series for personal control by the artists.

In both studios, the SQ-6, QU16, and the ME-1 mixers have pre-programmed scenes which helps with a quick start-up for the bands so they can use their time useful.

This setup is perfect for the Haifax rehearsal studios as it makes rehearsing more comfortable, efficiënt, and budget-friendly. The equipment can be used in a flexible way as it is possible to be combined with the artist’s own in-ears, headphones, and/or monitor setup.

“We chose for an Allen & Heath mixing setup because of the flexibility and possibilities in using such a setup,” says Pieter, “The quality of the personal monitoring is incredible and a lot of artists are already familiar with the systems. Even for first-timers, the mixers are straightforward and easy-to-use, but still have a lot of features”.

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