Optogates are automatic microphone gate units based on the latest optical technology. Equipped with an infrared sensor, the units plug between the microphone and connector.

Distribution: Belgium, Luxemburg.

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Optogate Pricelist

DATE: 14/04/2016

Arraycheck SpeakerTestsystem with 1 Watt amp€ 240,00
Cable Check One, 2 x Speakon NL8Cable Check One, 2 x Speakon NL8€ 158,00
Cable Check One, Han 16Cable Check One, Han 16€ 151,00
Cable Check One, XLR 3 pin AdapterCable Check One, XLR 3 pin Adapter€ 165,00
DIN-PWR-RDPower supply coupler for Crestron, AMX€ 249,00
Faceplate Schuko or PowerconMetaladapter for Schuko / Powercon€ 12,00
In Ear OneIn ear monitor system via guitarcable€ 618,00
Mic 2 MonMicswitch with A-B router, mute function€ 174,00
Mic MutePhantompowered micswitch€ 136,00
Mic-Lift Ver. 2Motorized Mic Stand, RS485 R/C€ 1.519,00
Mini Audio Lab.Audioanalyzer / wave generator€ 345,00
OG-AmpTube guitaramp, 30 Watt, 1 rack unit€ 1.022,00
Optogate PB-05 D.D.PB-05 for in ear applications, dynamaic ducke r-16 db€ 136,00
Optogate PB-05 E„Econonmy" PB-05 for dynamic mics€ 109,00
Optogate PB-05 MuteDirect connected to the mic, - 42 dB€ 136,00
Optogate PB-07For fixing on a microphone stand€ 183,00
Optogate PB-08 PosigateMicrophonegate with accelerometer€ 196,00
Optogate PB-09Table foot version for conferences€ 196,00
PhasecheckerCable / polaritytest combination€ 129,00
The Smart DIPhantom powered DI-box / preamp€ 171,00
Varibox, OVP, 3 x Schuko outOvervoltage protection 2 rack units€ 649,00
XLR Generator Pink NoiseXLR pink noise gen., 48V tester€ 34,00
XLR Generator Sine WaveXLR 100 Hz generator, 48V tester€ 32,00

*Taxes: Recupel, Bebat, Auvibel,… not included.
All prices are excluding VAT.
Errors and omissions excepted. 


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