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From our factory in Portland, Oregon, we’re committed to bringing you the best multipurpose products to help you solve expected and unexpected problems in everyday life. Our journey started over 37 years ago with the world’s first pliers-based multi-tool built by our founder, Tim Leatherman (yes, there really is a Mr. Leatherman!).

When Tim started on the prototype for this new tool, he estimated it’d take him a month. Instead, it took the next three years to build the prototype he envisioned and filed for a patent. With the patent application and prototype in hand, he set off to sell his idea. Unfortunately, the companies he approached didn’t bite. For another three and a half years, Tim faced one rejection letter after another. Until he partnered with his college friend, Steve Berliner. In the spring of 1983, they received their first order for 500 tools from Cabela’s and launched the first Leatherman tool, the PST.

Leatherman Pricelist

DATE: 11/05/2021

42L831740-13cmRescueschaar, Leatherman, Raptor, 6f, rvs/nl+hlst, blPOA
42L831742-13cmRescueschaar, Leatherman, Raptor, 6f, rvs/nyl+holstrPOA
53L832378-90Zakmes, Leatherman, SkeletoolKBx, 2f, geh.rvs, krtl, bl.POA
53L832381-90Zakmes, Leatherman, SkeletoolKB, 2f, rvs/zw.rvs, clp, blPOA
53L860011-100Zakmes, Leatherman, c33, 2f, 420rvs/nylon, lock, gladPOA
53L860021-100Zakmes, Leatherman, c33x, 2f, 420rvs/nylon, lock, krtlPOA
53L8600251NZakmes, Leatherman, C33X, 2f, zwart, dsPOA
53L860111-100Zakmes, Leatherman, c33L, 2f, 420rvs/nylon, lock, gladPOA
53L8602251NZakmes, Leatherman, C33TX, 4f, zwart, dsPOA
55L832919Zakmes, Leatherman, Free T2 PSI, 8f, rvs, boxPOA
55L860211-100Multimes, Leatherman, c33T, 4f, 420rvs/nylon, lock, gladPOA
55LF832654-115Jachtzakmes m.lock,Leatherman,Free K2x,8f,rvs/zlvr.alu,krtlPOA
55LF832658-115Jachtzakmes m.lock,Leatherman,Free K2,8f,rvs/grys,multipurp.POA
55LF832662-115Jachtzakmes m.lock,Leatherman,Free K4x,9f,rvs/zlvr.alu,krtlPOA
55LF832666-115Jachtzakmes m.lock,Leatherman,Free K4,9f,rvs/grys,multipurp.POA
55LF832682-93Zakmes m.lock,Leathrm,Free T2,pocketsize,8f,rvs,multipurposePOA
55LF832686-93Zakmes m.lock,Leathrm,Free T4,pocketsize,12f,rvs,multipurp.POA
55LF832867Zakmes, Leatherman, Free T4, Arctic, 12f, rvs, doosPOA
55LF832871Zakmes, Leatherman, Free T4, Crimson, 12f, rvs, doosPOA
55LF832875Zakmes, Leatherman, Free T4, Evergreen, 12f, rvs, doosPOA
55LF832879Zakmes, Leatherman, Free T4, Navy, 12f, rvs, doosPOA
55LF832883Zakmes, Leatherman, Free T4, Lunar, 12f, rvs, doosPOA
55LF832890Zakmes, Leatherman, Free K2, Crimson, 8f, rvs, doosPOA
55LF832894Zakmes, Leatherman, Free K2, Evergreen, 8f, rvs, doosPOA
55LF832898Zakmes, Leatherman, Free K2, Navy, 8f, rvs, doosPOA
56L213190Schroevendraaier-bit, Leatherman, eyeglass, 2-zydgPOA
56L213590Schroevendraaier-bit, Leatherman, psd 2-1, ChargePOA
56L217990Schroevendraaier-bit, Leatherman, psd 1-2 & 3/16"POA
56L641181-65Multitool, Leatherman, Micra, 10 functies, rvsPOA
56L643211-65Multitool, Leatherman, Micra, 10fnct, rvs/zwart aluPOA
56L643311-65Multitool, Leatherman, Micra, 10fnct, rvs/rood alu.POA
56L643411-65Multitool, Leatherman, Micra, 10fnct, rvs/blauw aluPOA
56L643511-65Multitool, Leatherman, Micra, 10fnct, rvs, groen aluPOA
56L643811-65Multitool, Leatherman, Micra, 10fnct, rvs/grijs aluPOA
56L681181-110Multitool, Leatherman, Crunch, 15funct, rvs, etui leerPOA
56L830084Bit driver, Leatherman, rvs, incl.5bitsPOA
56L830921-100Multitool, Leatherman, Skeletool, 7f, T6alu, clip, blisterPOA
56L830956-100Multitool, Leatherman, Skeletool, 7f, T6alu, cl, etui nlPOA
56L830958-100Multitool, Leatherman, SkeletoolCX, 7f, TungDLC, cl, etui,dsPOA
56L831148-115Multitool, Leatherman, ST300, 19f., rvs, nylon et, doosPOA
56L831149-115Multitool, Leatherman, ST300, 19f., rvs, etui leer, blisterPOA
56L831227-57Multitool, Leatherman, SquirtPS4, 9fnct, rood, rvs, dsPOA
56L831230-57Multitool, Leatherman, SquirtPS4, 9fnct, blauw, rvs, dsPOA
56L831239-57Multitool, Leatherman, SquirtES4, 9fnct, blauw, rvs, dsPOA
56L831242-57Multitool, Leatherman, SquirtES4, 9fnct, zwart, rvs, dsPOA
56L831244-75Multitool, Leatherman, StyleCS, 6fnct, zwart, rvs, bl.POA
56L831245-75Multitool, Leatherman, StyleCS, 6fnct, zwart, rvs, ds.POA
56L831260-59Multitool, Leatherman, Style, 5fnct, roze, rvs, blisterPOA
56L831438-97Multitool, Leatherman, Sidekick, 14f, rvs, etui nl., blPOA
56L831439-97Multitool, Leatherman, Sidekick, 14f, rvs, etui nl., dsPOA
56L831491-75Multitool, Leatherman, StylePS, 8fnct, zwart, rvs, ds.POA
56L831557-100Multitool, Leatherman, Rebar, 17fnct, rvs, etui nyl, dsPOA
56L831559-100Multitool, Leatherman, Rebar, 17fnct, rvs, etui leather, blisterPOA
56L831563-100Mulittool, Leatherman, Rebar, 17f, zwart rvs, molle, etuiPOA
56L831639-115Multitool, Leatherman, OHT, 16f., rvs/zwart, molle etPOA
56L831643-115Multitool, Leatherman, OHT, 16f., rvs/zwart, etui , blisterPOA
56L831700.2Multitoolcombo, Leatherman, 30anniv.ST300+Micra, blPOA
56L831783.2Snowboardtool, Leatherman, Hail+StylePS, 5+8f , blister.POA
56L831787-100Snowboardtool, Leatherman, SkeletoolSX, 8f, rvs , blisterPOA
56L831840-80Multitool, Leatherman, Leap, 13f, rvs/blauw nylon, blPOA
56L831842-80Multitool, Leatherman, Leap, 13f, rvs/rood nylon, dsPOA
56L831843-80Multitool, Leatherman, Leap, 13f, rvs/rood nylon , blisterPOA
56L831866-75Multitool, Leatherman, StylePS, 8fnct, rood, rvs, dsPOA
56L831933-80Multitool, Leatherman, JuiceC2, 12f, sunrise yellowPOA
56L832012-80Multitool, Leatherman, JuiceC2, 12f, granite grey, blPOA
56L832129-97Multitool, Leatherman, Rev, 13functies, rvs, blisterPOA
56L832207-100Multitool, Leatherman, Skeletool, 7fnct, Coyote, dsPOA
56L832215-100Multitool, Leatherman, SkeletoolDenim, 7f, gesch.doosPOA
56L832264-115Multitool, Leatherman, Signal, 19f, rvs, nylonetui, blPOA
56L832265-115Multitool, Leatherman, Signal, 19f, rvs, nylonetui, dsPOA
56L832304-100Multitool, Leatherman, Rebar, 15fnct, rvs, etui lr, dsPOA
56L832404-115Multitool, Leatherman, Signal Color Coyote, 19f, etui, doosPOA
56L832405-75Multitool, Leatherman, StyleCS, 6fnct, Coyote, doosPOA
56L832409-100Multitool, Leatherman, Rebar, 17f, rvs/coyote, blisterPOA
56L832422-100Multitool, Leatherman, Skeletl.Damast, Ltd, 7f, clp, dsPOA
56L832462-115Multitool, Leatherman, Surge Black & Silver, 21f, etui, doosPOA
56L832518-100Multitool, Leatherman, HeritagePST, 14fnct, rvs, lrPOA
56L832522-97Multitool, Leatherman, Wingman, 14f, rvs, nylon etui,blisterPOA
56L832525-100Multitool, Leatherman, Wave+, 17f, rvs, nylon et, blisterPOA
56L832526-100Multitool, Leatherman, Wave+, 17f, zwart rvs, molle etPOA
56L832553-100Multitool, Leatherman, Rebar, Heritage, 17f., rvs, etui leerPOA
56L832586-115Multitool, Leatherman, Signal Color Black, 19f, etui, doosPOA
56L832619-88Zakmes, Leatherman, Skeletool KBX Black & Silver, 2f, doosPOA
56L832622Multitool, Leatherman, Wave+, 18f, zw&zi, nylon etui, dsPOA
56L832626-115Multitool, Leatherman, B&S Signal, 19f, rvs, nylonetui, dsPOA
56L832629-100Multitool, Leatherman, Skeletool Black & Silver, 7f, doosPOA
56L832692-115Multitool, Leatherman, Signal Topo Green, 19f, etui, doosPOA
56L832710-100Multitool, Leatherman, Charge+ Forest Camo, 19f, etui, doosPOA
56L832741-115Multitool, Leatherman, Signal Color Cobalt, 19f, etui, doosPOA
56L832745Multitool, Leatherman, Signal Color Crimson, 19f, nylon etui, dsPOA
56L832758Multitool, Leatherman, Super Tool 300M, 17f, zw, molle, boxPOA
56L832759Multitool, Leatherman, Super Tool 300, 17f, zw, molle, pegPOA
56L832762Multitool, Leatherman, Super Tool 300, 17f, coy, molle, boxPOA
56L832763Multitool, Leatherman, Super Tool 300, 17f, coy, molle, pegPOA
56L850022-127Multitool, Leatherman, MUT, 16fnc, zwart, bruin molle etuiPOA
56L930350.2Draadknipper, 2st, Leatherman, 154CM, voor ST300, Srg, RebrPOA
56L930374Accessory kit voor MUT, Leatherman, zwart, 10deligPOA
56L930378Carabiner tool, Leatherman, 2funct., rvs, blisterPOA
56L930382Accessoire MUT Punch black 3/32POA
56L931003Zaag en vijl voor SURGE, LeathermanPOA
56L931009Bit driver extender verlengtool, LeathermanPOA
56L931023Glasbreker bit, Leatherman, carbide, vervangingPOA
56L934501Vuurstaaf/signaal fluitje, Leatherman,kunststof, voor:SignalPOA
56L934850Clip+lanyard ring, Leatherman, voor: Surge, Charge+WavePOA
56L934860Clip+schroef, Leatherman, Kickrvs, demonteerbaarPOA
56L934875Bit kit (21st), Leatherman, Surge, Charge+WavePOA
56L935000Slijper, Leatherman, vr.Signal, rvs/kstf, diam.coatingPOA
56LF832638-110Multitool,Leatherman,Free P2,19f,rvs,nylon.et.,multipurp.POA
56LF832642-110Multitool,Leatherman,Free P4,21f,rvs,nylon.et.,multipurp.POA
56LF934866Clip+lanyard ring,Leatherman,Free,P-en T-toolPOA
58L831675Sleutelhangertool, Leatherman, Brewzer, 2fnc, rvs, blisterPOA
58L831676Minitool, Leatherman, Piranha2, 7functies, rvs , blisterPOA
58L831677Minitool, Leatherman, MakoTi, 9funct., titan., blisterPOA
58L831779Snowboardtool, Leatherman, Rime, 4fnct, geh.rvs, dsPOA
58L831780Snowboardtool, Leatherman, Hail, 5fnct, geh.rvs , blisterPOA
58L831802Jachtwapentool, Leatherman, Pump, 8f, rvs, mlle etui, doosPOA
58L831858Skatetool, Leatherman, Grind, 8fncts, rvs, in doosPOA
59L832593Riemetui S, Leatherman, Heritage, leer,Rebar/Wing/Rev/SidekPOA
59L832594Riemetui M, Leatherman, Heritage, leer, Wave+/Free P/Charge+POA
59L832595Riemetui L, Leatherman, Heritage,leer,ST300/Surge/Signal/OHTPOA
59L90200-65Riemetui voor Mini-Tool, Leatherman, nylonPOA
59L90210-100Riemetui voor PST/PSTII, Leatherman, camoufl.nylPOA
59L90270-100Riemetui voor PST/PSTII, Leatherman, leer, vlechtmPOA
59L90340-100Riemetui voor PST/PSTII, Leatherman, zwart nyl, clipPOA
59L90440-80Etui voor Juice, Leatherman, tr.harde kunststof, clipPOA
59L930366Riemetui, Leatherman, molleXL, bruin, voor:MUT+MUT EODPOA
59L930371Riemetui, Leatherman, molleXL, zwart, voor: MUT+MUT EODPOA
59L931005Riemetui, Leatherman, molle, voor: Wave, OHT, SurgePOA
59L93212-110Riemetui voor SprTl200/k500xLeatherman, zwart nylon, lusPOA
59L9340Riemetui voor Super Tool, Leatherman, camoufl.nlPOA
59L934825Riemetui, Leatherman, leer, voor:Wing, Sidekick, RebarPOA
59L934835Riemetui, Leatherman, leer, voor: Crunch, SkeletoolPOA
59L934927Riemetui S, Leatherman, nylon, voor:Juice, LeapPOA
59L934928Riemetui M, Leatherman, nylon, Rev/Rebar/Skelet/Wing/WavePOA
59L934929Riemetui L, Leatherman, nylon, voor:Signal, ST300, SurgePOA
59L934932Riemetui M, Leatherman,nylon,voor:Rev/Rebar/Skelet/Wing/WavePOA
59L934933Riemetui L, Leatherman, nylon, voor: Signal, ST300, SurgePOA
59L934935Riemetui,Lthrm,Ainsworth,premium leer,large:ST300,Surge,OHTPOA
59L934936Riemetui,Lthrm,Ainsworth,prem.leer,medium:Wave+,Rebar,Free PPOA
59L93760Riemetui voor tool adapter, Leatherman, zwart leerPOA
59L93770Riemetui voor tool adapter, Leatherman, nylonPOA
59L93881-100Riemetui voor combo Wave/TA, Leatherman, nylonPOA
59L93905-100Zakmesetui voor e306x/e307x, zwart nylon, lus, zbPOA
59L93910-110Zakmesetui voor k502x/h502, zwart nylon, lus, zbPOA
59L93915-110Zakmesetui voor k502x/h502, bruin leder, lus, zbPOA
59L939906Riemetui voor Wave, Leatherman, leerPOA
59L94090-100Riemetui voor combo PST+Tooladapter, Leatherman, leerPOA
59L94100-100Riemetui voor combo PST+Tooladapter, Leatherman, nylonPOA
74L832234Schakel#1, Leatherman, TreadLink, 2fnct, roestvrijPOA
74L832235Schakel#2, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, roestvrijPOA
74L832237Schakel#4, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, roestvrijPOA
74L832242Schakel#9, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, roestvrijPOA
74L832243Schakel#10, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, rvsPOA
74L832246Schakel#1, Leatherman, TreadLink, 2fnct, zwart DLCPOA
74L832249Schakel#4, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, zwart DLCPOA
74L832254Schakel#9, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, zwart DLCPOA
74L832255Schakel#10, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, zwart DLCPOA
74L832324Multitool-armband, Leatherman, Treadmetric, 29fnc, zwart DLCPOA
74L832325Multitool-armband, Leatherman, Tread metric, 29fnc, rvsPOA
74L832345Schakel#15, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, rvsPOA
74L832346Schakel#16, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, rvsPOA
74L832347Schakel#17, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, rvsPOA
74L832348Schakel#18, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, roestvrijPOA
74L832349Schakel#19, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, roestvrijPOA
74L832350Schakel#15, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, zwart DLCPOA
74L832351Schakel#16, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, zwart DLCPOA
74L832352Schakel#17, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, zwart DLCPOA
74L832353Schakel#18, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, zwart DLCPOA
74L832354Schakel#19, Leatherman, TreadLink, 3fnct, zwart DLCPOA
74L832420Multitool-horloge, LeathermanTreadTempo, 30f, zwart DLCPOA
74L832421Multitool-horloge, Leatherman, TreadTempo, 30f, geh.rvsPOA
74L832431Multitool-armband, Leatherman Tread LT, 29fct, rvsPOA
74L832432Multitool-armband, Leatherman Tread LT, 29f, zwart rvsPOA
ChargeMultitool, Leatherman, Charge+, 19f, rvs/alu, nylon etui 56L832516-100POA
Charge + TTIMultitool, Leatherman, Charge+TTI, 19f, rvs, nylon etui 56L832528-100POA
Charge G10Multitool, Leatherman, Charge+ G10 Orange, 19f, etui, doos 56L832782-100POA
Charge+ G10Multitool, Leatherman, Charge+ G10 Red, 19f, etui, doos 56L832778-100POA
MUTMultitool, Leatherman, MUT Stainless Steel, 16f, etui, doos 56L850112N-127POA
MUT BlackMultitool, Leatherman, MUT, 16fnc, zwart, zwrt.molle etui. 56L850122-127POA
MUT EODMultitool, Leatherman, MUTeod, 15fnc, zwart, molle etui,doos. 56L850132-127POA
OHTMultitool, Leatherman, OHT, 16f., rvs/dsrt, molle et 56L831642-115POA
REBARMultitool, Leatherman, Rebar, 17fnct, rvs, etui lr., ds 56L831560-100POA
REVMultitool, Leatherman, Rev, 13functies, rvs, doos 56L832130-97POA
Squirt PS4Multitool, Leatherman, SquirtPS4, 9fnct, zwart, rvs, ds 56L831233-57POA
Super Tool 300Multitool, Leatherman, ST300, 19f., rvs, etui leer, doos 56L831183-115POA
Super Tool 300Multitool, Leatherman, ST300, 19f., zwart rvs, molle etui 56L831151-115POA
Supet Tool 300 EODMultitool, Leatherman, ST300eod, 19f, zwart rvs, molle et. 56L831369-115POA
SurgeMultitool, Leatherman, Surge, 21f, geh.rvs, etui nylon 56L830165-115POA
Surge BlackMultitool, Leatherman, Surge, 21f, zwart rvs, molle etui. 56L831333-115POA
Topo SkeletoolMultitool, Leatherman, Skeletool Topo, 7f, doos 56L832755-100POA
Wave +Multitool, Leatherman, Wave+, 17f, rvs, etui nylon 56L832524-100POA
WingmanMultitool, Leatherman, Wingman, 14f, rvs, nylon etui 56L832523-97POA

*POA: Price On Application
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