LA Audio

LA Audio is a manufacturer of professional signal processing equipment for installation, recording studios, post production, live sound and broadcast.

Distribution: Belgium, Luxemburg.

Allen & Heath

LA Audio Pricelist

DATE: 20/06/2016

BVNetCARDBVNet Card Option for adding networking to the DLX 200€ 120,00
DBT PlusDual channel 600 Ohm Output Balancing Interface€ 180,00
Di2Active DI box - Battery & Phantom Power€ 110,00
DLX2602 input/ 6 output, DSP System Management Processor€ 1.720,00
EQ231-GDual 31 Band 1/3 Octave Graphic Equaliser (3U)€ 749,00
LINEA adapter PSUPSU for use with BVNET adapter when using RS232 connection€ 199,00
LINEA BVNET adapterUSB/RS232 to BVNet Adapter for interfacing to BVNet - USB powered€ 320,00
MS122412 Channel Active Unity Gain Mic Splitter (3U)€ 2.499,00
MS1224PSPower Supply and Monitor Unit for 4 x MS1224 (1U)€ 777,00
MS1224PS-BBackup Power Supply Unit for 4 x MS1224 (1U)€ 777,00
PA.1200Power AMP 2 x 500w 4ohm€ 450,00
PA.3600Power AMP 2 x 1050w 4ohm€ 650,00
PA.4800Power AMP 2 x 1400w 4ohm€ 950,00
PA.7200Power AMP 2 x 2000w 4ohm€ 990,00
PD.1500Power AMP 2 x 720 w + dsp€ 820,00
PD.2000Power AMP 2 x 980w / 4 Ohm + dsp€ 860,00
PD.900Power AMP 2 x 450w / 4 Ohm + dsp€ 630,00
PDM45000W 4 Channel Class D Amplifier with DSP€ 3.290,00
USB/RS232CABUSB/RS232 Converter Cable for single connection to DLX€ 65,00

*Taxes: Recupel, Bebat, Auvibel,… not included.
All prices are excluding VAT.
Errors and omissions excepted. 


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