Fulcrum Acoustic is a developer and manufacturer of innovative loudspeaker technologies and products for professional applications, known for its unique approach to loudspeaker design. Fulcrum has developed numerous proprietary technologies, such as pattern-control coaxial designs and patented Passive Cardioid Technologyâ„¢. They overcome common loudspeaker performance limitations by treating advanced DSP algorithms as integral to their designs. The result is loudspeakers that provide stunning output and unmatched clarity even at high SPLs, in the smallest enclosures possible.

Distribution: Benelux.

Fulcrum Acoustic Pricelist

DATE: 11/05/2021

44 M20Linea Research 4 Channel Power AmplifierPOA
44 M20 DanteLinea Research 4 Channel Power Amplifier with DantePOA
AH443Higher-Output Coaxial Horn, 45x30POA
AH463Higher-Output Coaxial Horn, 60x30POA
AH65High-Output Coaxial Horn, 60x45POA
AH66High-Output Coaxial Horn, 60x60POA
AH96High-Output Coaxial Horn, 90x60POA
Array FrameFL283T Array FramePOA
CCX122612" Coaxial Cardioid Loudspeaker, 120x60POA
CCX126512" Coaxial Cardioid Loudspeaker, 60x45POA
CCX127712" Coaxial Cardioid Loudspeaker, 75x75POA
CCX129512" Coaxial Cardioid Loudspeaker, 90x45POA
CP212TS212 Caster PalletPOA
CS11818" Subcardioid SubwooferPOA
CS12121" Subcardioid SubwooferPOA
CSP Caster KitCaster kit for CSP SubwoofersPOA
CSP11818" Portable Subcardioid SubwooferPOA
CSP12121" Portable Subcardioid SubwooferPOA
CX122612" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 120x60POA
CX126512" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 60x45POA
CX127712" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 75x75POA
CX129512" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 90x45POA
CX152615" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 120x60POA
CX156515" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 60x45POA
CX157715" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 75x75POA
CX159515" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 90x45POA
CX8268" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 120x60POA
CX8968" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 90x60POA
DX1226Dual 12" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 120x60POA
DX1226fpDual 12" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 120x60, full passivePOA
DX1265Dual 12" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 60x45POA
DX1265fpDual 12" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 60x45, full passivePOA
DX1277Dual 12" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 75x75POA
DX1277fpDual 12" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 75x75, full passivePOA
DX1295Dual 12" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 90x45POA
DX1295fpDual 12" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 90x45, full passivePOA
DX1526Dual 15" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 120x60POA
DX1565Dual 15" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 60x45POA
DX1577Dual 15" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 75x75POA
DX1595Dual 15" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 90x45POA
DX896Dual 8" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 90x60POA
FA1212" Coaxial LoudspeakerPOA
FA12 Padded BagPadded BagPOA
FA12 Yoke BracketYoke BracketPOA
FA22Dual 12" Coaxial LoudspeakerPOA
FA22 Padded BagPadded BagPOA
FA28Dual 8" Coaxial LoudspeakerPOA
FA28 Horizontal Yoke BracketHorizontal Yoke BracketPOA
FA28 Padded BagPadded BagPOA
FA28 Vertical Yoke BracketVertical Yoke BracketPOA
FH1565Full-Range Coaxial Horn, 60x45POA
FH1566Full-Range Coaxial Horn, 60x60POA
FH1596Full-Range Coaxial Horn, 90x60POA
FL283TDual 8" Subcardioid Line ArrayPOA
FP215TS215 Face PalletPOA
FP221TS221 Face PalletPOA
FW1515" Coaxial Cardioid Stage MonitorPOA
FX129512" Coaxial Vocal MonitorPOA
FX8968" Coaxial Vocal MonitorPOA
Ground Stack KitFL283T Stacking KitPOA
GX122612" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 120x60POA
GX126512" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 60x45POA
GX127712" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 75x75POA
GX129512" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 90x45POA
GX152615" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 120x60POA
GX156515" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 60x45POA
GX157715" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 75x75POA
GX159515" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 90x45POA
Prophile LDual 15" Coaxial LoudspeakerPOA
Prophile MDual 12" Coaxial LoudspeakerPOA
Prophile P88" Coaxial LoudspeakerPOA
Prophile SDual 8" Coaxial LoudspeakerPOA
RM22Dual 12" Coaxial Reference MonitorPOA
RM22acDual 12" Coaxial Reference Monitor, Self-PoweredPOA
RM25Dual 15" Coaxial Reference MonitorPOA
RM25acDual 15" Coaxial Reference Monitor, Self-PoweredPOA
RM28Dual 8" Coaxial Reference MonitorPOA
RM28acDual 8" Coaxial Reference Monitor, Self-PoweredPOA
RMS22Dual 12" Reference SubwooferPOA
RMS22acDual 12" Reference Subwoofer, Self-PoweredPOA
RX5995.25" Coaxial LoudspeakerPOA
RX599-MT305.25" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 70VPOA
RX6996" Coaxial LoudspeakerPOA
RX699-MT606" Coaxial Loudspeaker, 70VPOA
SP1Speaker PolePOA
Stacking PalletFL283T Stacking PalletPOA
Sub11212" SubwooferPOA
Sub11515" SubwooferPOA
Sub11818" SubwooferPOA
Sub215Dual 15" SubwooferPOA
Sub215LDual 15" Subwoofer, Low ProfilePOA
Sub218LDual 18" Subwoofer, Low ProfilePOA
TQP484 x 8 Digital Signal ProcessorPOA
TS212Dual 12" SubwooferPOA
TS215Dual 15" SubwooferPOA
TS215 Padded CoverPadded CoverPOA
TS221Dual 21" SubwooferPOA
TS221 Padded CoverPadded CoverPOA
US208Dual 8" SubwooferPOA
US212Dual 12" SubwooferPOA
US221-2Dual 21" Subwoofer, 2 x 4 ohmsPOA
US221-4Dual 21" Subwoofer, 2 x 8 ohmsPOA
YK1106RX699 Series Yoke BracketPOA
YK1308P Yoke BracketPOA
YK1408CX8 Series Yoke BracketPOA
YK1808S Yoke BracketPOA
YK1811CX12/CCX12 Series Yoke BracketPOA
YK2008DX896 Yoke BracketPOA
YK2211CX15 Series Yoke BracketPOA
YK2413GX12 Series Yoke BracketPOA
YK2813DX12 Series Yoke BracketPOA
YK3013M Yoke BracketPOA
YK905RX599 Yoke BracketPOA
YK-FH15FH15/CS Series Yoke BracketPOA

*POA: Price On Application
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Our shop is developed to welcome business customers only (B2B) but feel free to browse around to check our catalogue.


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