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Fostex Pricelist

Date: 11/05/2021
Ref.: FOS110521

6301DT (230V only)Powered Personal Monitor, 4",Dante Input 1, Input 2 or Input 1+2 , jack unbalancedPOA
6301NB (230V only)Powered Personal Monitor, 4", UnbalancedPOA
6301ND (230V only)Powered Personal Monitor, 4", AES EBUPOA
6301NE (230V only)Powered Personal Monitor, 4", jack + electrically balanced XLRPOA
6301NX (230V only)Powered Personal Monitor, 4", transformer BalancedPOA
AR101Audio interface for ios devicesPOA
AR-4iAudio Interface Unit for iPhone4POA
DC-R302Portable Stereo Recorder w/ 3ch mixerPOA
EB-6301Mounting Bracket for 6301N-series, replace 9610POA
ET-E1.2Replace Cable (w/clasp) for TE04 / TE05, 1.2mPOA
ET-E1.2CReplace Cable (w/controller) for TE04 / TE05, 1.2mPOA
ET-H1.2N6Replacement Cable for TE-07/TE-05/TE05BK/TE05BZPOA
ET-H3.0N7BLReplace Cable for TH900mkII / TH610, 7N Grade OFC Balanced Plug 3mPOA
ET-H3.0N7UBReplace Cable for TH900mkII / TH610, 7N Grade OFC Unbalanced Plug 3mPOA
ET-RP1.2Replacement Cable for RPmk3, Orange / 1.2mPOA
ET-RP3.0Replacement Cable for RPmk3, Black / 3mPOA
EX-EP-05BReplacement earpad for TH-5B / TH-5BB / T-5 (pair)POA
EX-EP-05WReplacement earpad for TH-5W (pair)POA
EX-EP-07BReplacement earpad for TH-7B / TH-7BB / T-7 (pair)POA
EX-EP-07WReplacement earpad for TH-7W (pair)POA
EX-EP-50Replacement earpad for TH500RP (pair)POA
EX-EP-61Replacement earpad for TH610 (pair)POA
EX-EP-91Replacement earpad for TH900MKII (pair) (not available for TH900)POA
EX-EP-RPmk3Replacement earpad for RPmk3 (pair)POA
HP-A332bit DAC / Headphone AmpPOA
HP-A8MK232bit DAC / Headphone Amp, 11.2MHz DSD playback Erp for EU availablePOA
HP-P1Portable Headphone Amp/DAC for iPod/iPhonePOA
MC10STElectret Condenser Microphone, Stereo SetPOA
MC11SElectret Stereo Condenser MicrophonePOA
MC32Electret Condenser Microphone, ShotgunPOA
PC-100USBVolume Controller with USB DACPOA
PC100USB-HR2Volume Controller with built-in USB/DACPOA
PC-1e(B)Volume Controller, BlackPOA
PC-1e(W)Volume Controller, WhitePOA
PM0.3(B)Personal Powered Monitor, 3", Black (Pair)POA
PM0.3(G)Personal Powered Monitor, 3"", Grey (Pair)POA
PM0.3(W)Personal Powered Monitor, 3"", White (Pair)POA
PM0.3dH(B)Personal Powered Monitor 3", Black (Pair)POA
PM0.3dH(W)Personal Powered Monitor 3", White (Pair)POA
PM0.4c(B)Powered Studio Monitor, 4", Black (pair)POA
PM0.4c(G)Powered Studio Monitor, 4", grey (pair)POA
PM0.4c(W)Powered Studio Monitor, 4", White (pair)POA
PM0.4d(B)Powered Studio Monitor, 4", BlackPOA
PM0.4d(G)Powered Studio Monitor, 4", GreyPOA
PM0.5d(B)Powered Studio Monitor, 5", BlackPOA
PM-SUBmini2Active Subwoofer, 5"POA
RM-21U Rack-mount Stereo MonitorPOA
RM-31U Rack-mount Stereo MonitorPOA
ST300Headphone StandPOA
T20RPmk2RP Type Headphone, Semi-OpenPOA
T20RPmk3headphone, openPOA
T40RPmk2RP Type Headphone, ClosedPOA
T40RPmk3headphone, closed typePOA
T50RPmk3RP Type Headphones, Semi-OpenPOA
TE-02WP(B )Inner Ear Headphones, waterproof, BlackPOA
TE-02WP(W)Inner Ear Headphones, waterproof, WhitePOA
TE04BKIn Ear Stereo Headphones metal body & detachable connector, BlackPOA
TE04BLIn Ear Stereo Headphones metal body & detachable connector, BluePOA
TE04RDIn Ear Stereo Headphones metal body & detachable connector, RedPOA
TE04WHIn Ear Stereo Headphones metal body & detachable connector, WhitePOA
TE05BKInner ear headphones, metal body & detachable connector, BlackPOA
TE05BZInner ear headphones, metal body & detachable connector, BronzePOA
TE100Stereo EarphonesPOA
TH500RPPremium Headphones, Dynamic, openPOA
TH-5BDynamic Type Headphone, Semi-Open, BlackPOA
TH-5BBDynamic Type Headphone, Semi-Open, All Black, reg packagePOA
TH-5WDynamic Type Headphone, Semi-Open, WhitePOA
TH600Premium Headphones, Dynamic, ClosedPOA
TH610Premium Headphones, Dynamic, Closed, Cable DetachablePOA
TH-7BBDynamic Type Headphone, Semi-Open, All Black, reg packagePOA
TH7BKDynamic Type Headphones, Closed-Back, BlackPOA
TH900Premium Headphones, Dynamic, ClosedPOA
TH900 Upgrade KitTH900 Upgrade Kit from TH900 to TH900mk2POA
TH900mkIIPremium Headphones, Dynamic, Closed, Cable DetachablePOA
TH909Premium Headphones, Dynamic, open, Cable DetachablePOA
TM2Wireless Stereo EarphonesPOA
TR-70(250)Stereo Headphones, Open, 250ohmPOA
TR-70(80)Stereo Headphones, Open, 80ohmPOA
TR-80(250)Stereo Headphones, Closed, 250ohmPOA
TR-80(80)Stereo Headphones, Closed, 80ohmPOA
TR-90(250)Stereo Headphones, Semi-open, 250ohmPOA
TR-90(80)Stereo Headphones, Semi-open, 80ohmPOA
UR-2Stereo Rack Memory RecorderPOA

*POA: Price On Application
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