XLR is taking measures against Covid-19


We can’t ignore it, the Covid-19 virus is spreading at top speed. Because of this, we at XLR are also taking some measures to slow down the spread:

  • As of today, almost all of our employees are working from home. Of course, we are always available by phone and e-mail to follow up your questions and orders. Please address general questions to info@xlrpro.eu and questions regarding current/new orders to sales@xlrpro.eu.
  • Picking up orders and goods from our warehouse will currently no longer be possible.
  • Orders made through e-mail will be processed as soon as possible.
    Shipment of orders may take longer than normal. Please take this into account.

If the measures evolve, we will of course keep you informed of possible adjustments.

We thank you for your understanding despite these exceptional circumstances.

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