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Wave System – AP420

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Endless audio streaming possibilities

Schedule and broadcast any audio streams: your webradio / local content / NAS.

24/7 secured broadcast with our Continuum proven technology.

Overlap your commercial messages. Crossfade all your transitions.

Manage your content with the web administration

Manage your broadcast with an easy to use embedded CMS especially designed for an intuitive experience.

Manage your inventory from the web with Wavespark

Supervise your fleet at a glance.

Broadcast your favourite audio playlists in all your stores.

Manage your digital content and schedule it.

Adapt instantaneously your communication from anywhere and at anytime.

Succeed in all use cases

Integrate with system security and existing PA.

Automate audio broadcast.

Insert your audio content locally.

Get access and control easily your player from your mobile.

Pro Audio quality

Uncompromising professional audio DAC 24bits/96 kHz.

Audio processing capabilities.

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  • Embedded CMS
  • Audio streaming with failover playbacks
  • Intuitive calendar for daily use
  • 2 layer audio mixing
  • Pro audio connectors
  • Combine with voice alarms systems
  • Works offline with precise RTC
  • Store and forward capabilities
  • Rackable