Altair WBP-210HD / WBP-212HD

“EXTREME Series” WIRELESS single/dual channel beltpacks


WBP-210HD (single channel) & WBP-212HD (dual channel) are the brand new versions of ALTAIR EXTREME Series wireless intercom beltpacks. These new models replace their predecessors (WBP-210 & WBP-212), keeping the compatibility with them and with all ALTAIR wireless base stations.

The new Extreme Series beltpacks have been designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding professionals, offering outstanding autonomy for the long “on field” working sessions. Equipped with both standard 4pin XLR and “miniature” 4pin XLR connectors, these beltpacks are compatible with all ALTAIR headsets. A new built-in Bluetooth interface allows the operation along with wireless BT headsets, widening the possibilities for the user. When used along with an “HD” base station, WBP-210HD and WBP-212HD beltpacks will deliver a 100Hz-7Khz audio quality, improving notably the clarity in the communication.

Extreme Series beltpacks feature a robust design and a colour display screen to help the user navigate through the configuration menu, easing the operation even in the hardest conditions. As in the previous EXTREME models, TWIN MODE operation allows the use of two beltpacks (maximum) without a base station. This means flexibility for the user, who will be able to set up a two-positions wireless intercom system in seconds. As in every ALTAIR wireless beltpack, antennas are located inside the enclosure allowing a more comfortable belt fitting.



  • Range: Typical 50 to 350 m around base station.
  • HD AUDIO: HD High Definition Audio (100Hz-7KHz when used along with an “HD” base station).
  • Rugged case design. Rubber corners. Internal diversity antennas.
  • Estimated Battery life: 15 hours in conversation mode / 75 hours in Call receive mode.
  • Battery type: Li-Ion
  • Charger: External case/wall mount charger allowing simultaneous charge of up to 4 EXTREME Series beltpacks
  • Headset connector: XLR-4 pin “mini” / Standard XLR-4Pin
  • Headset type: Selectable, dynamic or electret.
  • MIC and VOLUME buttons on upper panel.
  • Secondary Battery: 1 x alkaline AA allows 4-6 extra hours.
  • Colour Display Screen.
  • Call Notification System: Light, Vibration and Buzzer.
  • Dimensions/weight: 145x95x35 mm / 350 gr (Incl. batteries)
  • Built-in beacon light models available on request (WBP-210/212FL HD)


  • Headsets: WBP-210HD & WBP-212HD beltpacks are compatible with all ALTAIR headset models
  • Flight-cases: WBFC-210, WBFC-212, WBFC-210F, WBFC-212F
  • Charger: WBPC-210. Sold separately.

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