ID-AL My Music Player (Waves System)

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ID-AL Audio player with schedule programming for background music (New)

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ID-AL My Music Player

Sensory branding, background music, advertising, or informative message; a wide spectrum of playback usages is allowed within public spaces with the My Music Player. This amplified audio player is designed to meet the requirements and the flexibility related to the management of soundscapes.

The My Music Player may be used to:

  • Customize a soundscape
  • Play local files and audio streams
  • Accurately schedule a broadcast
  • Manage smartly the audio messages
  • Control the player remotely
  • Easily and automatically update its contents
  • Complete an existing audio system

The My Music Player stems from the expertise of the French company, Waves System: a stakeholder of the market of the interactive audio and video solutions since 2002.

Standalone and remotely manageable, its low consumption, its long-term reliability, its appropriate connectors and its tiny size bestow upon him the assets of a skillful audio player matching a high level of demand.

A timestamped programming software is provided with the My Music Player. It allows to create and manage timetables of playbacks in order to adapt messages, music styles, volume settings in order to suit a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual calendar.

The audio sources of the My Music Player are :

  • Local with a USB (internal or external) flash drive, or with a SD card.
  • Through Ethernet to listen to web radios (streaming)
  • From a local source connected to the auxiliary audio input of the player

The musical content update can be made locally with the update of the storage device or remotely through Ethernet.

A service provider could propose its web radios or customize a stream according to a playback need.

Suggestions of uses:

  • Public address system: retails, malls, bars, restaurants, hotels, waiting rooms…
  • Informative or promotional messages according to an accurate programming.
  • Real-time streaming, web radio (of a retailer, a music content provider, or an owned web radio). Sound designer playlists playback, or owned playlists.
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