XLR will Light your Sound

XLR will Light your Sound 1


À partir du 1er janvier 2023, XLR deviendra le distributeur exclusif en Belgique et Luxembourg d’ ELATION.

Elation est un fabricant mondial de produits d’éclairage et de contrôle DMX destinés à l’éclairage de concerts, de scènes, de productions théâtrales, d’environnements thématiques, de lieux de culte et de boîtes de nuit.

L-ISA is an integral part of the L-Acoustics family and sets new standards in the field of multi-dimensional sound experiences.

L-ISA technology enables artists and productions, and with them audiences of all sizes, to create new multi-dimensional sound experiences. The feeling of connectedness and the connections between artists and audience are thus deepened.

This innovation offers artists, bands, musicians and their teams behind the scenes a new creative audio dimension. Whether expansive realism or unlimited musical creativity, the sound possibilities of the system are almost inexhaustible and extremely versatile.

L-ISA immensely increases the resolutions of the speakers to create a natural and clear soundscape that expands the panorama and increases audiophile realism. L-Acoustics calls this type of experience Hyperreal Sound.

Hearing is believing. Immerse yourself in L-ISA Sound at our dedicated L-ISA Auditorium.

XLR will Light your Sound 2
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